"Show Always" Option for Objects in the TImeline

I am trying to figure out what happens when I select "Show Always" in the right click menu for an object in the timeline.  When I right click an object, such as a shape or button, check "Show Always," and preview, it appears to do nothing.

I am expecting the selected object to show always, which I understand to mean it will appear on every slide.

Can anyone tell me what this does?  And/or how to use it correctly?

Right Click Menu of Object in Timeline

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Michelle Kenoyer

Hi there--I'm trying to get my callouts to remain on-screen for the duration of the slide's action (even after each gesture is complete) so it will stay on the slide long enough for learners to view it. However, this function doesn't seem to work properly, even though the Show Always setting appears in the timeline (with arrows pointing both ways). Not sure what I'm missing?

James LeMay

AFAIK, Storyline has no mechanism to allow a persistent foreground element. It would be a extremely useful to float a [character, audio, button bar, progress bar, logo] ABOVE the course, for the duration of the course. Storyline cannot. The master slide won't do it; no master slide element can overlay other slide elements.  I sent this feature request down the black hole for 5 years. It's available in Captivate.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi James!

I wanted to mention you can add an object to a layer on a slide master. Then add this trigger to the base layer: "Show layer when the timeline starts on the slide master".  The object will then overlay anything on the base layer. 

It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but hopefully that gets you closer to your goal!

Nate Campbell

hey James. not sure if you've found a work-around for this or if it's even relevant any longer, but if you add a layer to a master & auto show that layer, any elements you add appear to be placed overtop. i haven't played around w/ this too much yet, it might have limitations, but i just tried it & at a glance it works.

Wilmari van der Merwe

Hi Nate, can you elaborate on what you mean by auto show layer?
I have placed an element on a layer in my master slide and added a trigger to the base layer that says "show layer X when the timeline starts". I have disabled the function that hides the layers below.
The problem I am running into is that the object shows on the first slide in the scene, but not the second slide. Is there a way around this?
Also, if my slides have more layers it also does not show the object in the master slide anymore.

Has anyone got a solution to this yet?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Wilmari,

Thanks for sharing your additional questions regarding using a layer on a slide master.

  1. Is your second slide using the same slide master as the first slide where you have the layer set to display? You will need to apply the same slide master to the slide to have the same features.
  2. Layers are designed to 'layer' on top of one another. If you need this layer to always show, be sure to set the layer properties to display other layers.