Show Attempts Left

Oct 25, 2023


I've got a 10 question quiz, and the user has 5 attempts total to pass with an 80% score. 

  • I have Attempts set to 0 because I have feedback set to none
  • I have a variable called Attemptsleft which has a default value of 4
  • On my Results screen, I have a Retry Quiz button, and a Review Quiz button. 
  • I want Attemptsleft to reduce by 1 every time the user clicks Retry Quiz
  • I have a layer trigger on the Failure layer that says:
    • When the timeline starts on this layer
      • set state of Button 2 - "Retry Quiz" to disabled
        • if attemptsleft = value 0
  • I have a box on my Failure layer on the Results slide that has a variable reference that shows Attempts Left to the user
  • The triggers on the Retry button are as follows:
    • When user clicks Button 2
      • Reset results 1.18 Quiz Results
        • if attemptsleft > value 0
      • Jump to slide 1.8 question 1
        • if attemptsleft > value 0
      • Subtract value 1 to attemptsleft

The only thing is, Attempts Left doesn't show a count down, it just shows the number 4 no matter how many attempts the user goes through. 

Can someone help? 



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