Unable to retry the questions on assessment slides when clicking on the retry button on the results slide

Aug 18, 2021


I am creating a quiz and I want to limit the number of attempts (max 2 attempts). I have added the Attempts variable with value of 0. I have added both triggers on the retry button (add value 1 on variable Attempts) and on the failure layer on results slide (disable the retry button if Attempts =value 2).

However when I fail the quiz on 1st attempt and click on the retry button it takes me to Q1 but the question slide is frozen and doesn't allow me to retry the question. I can only click on next to go to the next slide. The slide properties for all the Q's are set to 'reset to initial state when revisiting'. 

I have other triggers added on the failure layer (disable other text boxes if Attempts - value 2) but I don't think this should have any impact on the Q slide itself. 

I have entered attempts as 2 in the Form View for each Q slide. I have tried to set this to 1 but I get same issue as mentioned above. Should this be set to 1 as default or it doesn't make any difference as the attempts have been set on the results slide? 

I have attached a screen shot of the triggers in place on the failure layer. Once the user has reached max attempts, the retry button and other text on the layer should disable and the user can only review the assessment &/or exit the course and it will be marked as failed. 

Thank you! 


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Reema!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like the first question slide is frozen when returning after selecting the Retry Quiz button on the Results Slide. You're on the right track to add two attempts for each question slide. Is this the same order of the triggers you have for the Retry Quiz button on the Results Slide?

I've created a quick 2-minute video where I've walked through what I think you might be running into and how to fix it. If I'm off base, I'm happy to take a look at your .story file. You can attach it to this public discussion or upload it privately in a support case.

Reema Prabhakar

Hi Lauren, 

Thank you for the helpful video! That was really useful. I have managed to fix the problem now by using the built in Retry Quiz button which solved the problem of the question slide freezing. 

I encountered a second problem where the Review button was showing all the answers as incorrect! But again I used the built in Review button and also set the revisiting status as 'automatically decide' on the the question slides which solved this issue. 

Having the same order of the triggers on the results slide is a really useful tip - thank you for that!