Show correct options after user fails Multiple Response question?

Feb 15, 2014

Hi All,

Simple question I hope!

I searched of for a prior instance of this question, but did not find any, though I suspect it's a common question.

In a multiple response question, is there a way of displaying the correctly selected options after the user has failed after a set number of attempts? (I know how to set define Attempts number, thx.)

For example, in a 4-option question with options 1 and 2 being correct, after a set number of failed attempts, is it possible for the correct options toe be 'checked' (options 1 and 2). Ideally, this would be preceded by a Feedback slide that I'd edit to say something like:

"You've incorrectly answered this question two times. Click close to view the correct answer, then click Next to continue."

This is a necessary feature, I believe... because in this example, for instance, there are 16 possible answers... it's very likely the learner will NOT choose the correct combination. So there needs to be a mechanism for showing the user the correct answer.

Note: This isn't part of an assessment. Just a "knowledge check" question mid content for the user to check how well they're doing.

Thanks kindly.


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Dave Ray

Thanks for the feedback, Bill.

If I'm clear, what you're saying is to apply a workaround in which, on the incorrect feedback layer:

1) I adjust feedback master to shift the feedback box to allow the question to viewed. OK, I get that.

2) And then manually paste checkmark images to mimic the correct options in the activity.

In this solution, the activity is showed greyed out, in a lightbox-like environment, of course. And of course, the wrongly selected items will still be appearing. So I'd have to manually mask them with custom graphics too, presumably.

Am I correctly describing your solution. I just want to be clear in case I'm misunderstanding. This would be a highly manual solution, but it is a solution. I won't lie. I am hoping there is a more elegant programmed one, though

Thanks much!


Kevin Thorn

Hey Dave,

This can be done quite easily. Bill's suggested to add some sort of visual marker such as a check mark will work. 

Although, I wouldn't put these on the Feedback Master as it will affect any other quiz slide you may use for other knowledge checks or questions.

The trick is to take advantage of the existing checkbox "selected" states. Here's one way to set this up:

  • Create a T/F variable for each checkbox with initial value of False.. e.g., choice1, choice2, choice3, etc. for as many as you need.
  • Set a trigger to adjust the variable to True when its corresponding checkbox is selected.
  • Place your visual indicators on the Feedback layer and set their initial state to Hidden.
  • On the last attempt where the Incorrect layer appears, add Layer triggers to evaluate which checkboxes are correctly selected.

Ex: Change the state of "checkmark1" to Normal when the timeline starts *IF* "choice1" is equal to True.

Note: On the Try Again layer add triggers to reset all variables back to their initial value of False so each attempt can be evaluated correctly.

That should work.

Dave Ray

Thanks for the programming, Kevin. Very revealing. Very much appreciate your taking the time to write that.

Essentially the same workaround as Bill, though, I note. Essentially a matter of faking something on the Feedback layer.

Barring any other input, I'm concluding that there is there is no "pre-built feature" wherein the correct answers for an activity are populated?

I was hoping there was a switch or something. This would obviously be a very useful feature, and not one that people will want to 'mock up' to get working.

I note that there is such a feature from the Results page of a quiz when you're able to review the quiz and see results. I only that functionality could be made a feature for Multiple Choice, etc.

Thanks all.


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