show layer on results slide if test question was correctly answered

Aug 07, 2019

Hi! I realize there is not currently a built-in feature to allow extra credit/bonus points (100% is the limit).

However, is there a way to show an icon for the extra points (like a badge) on the results slide if the bonus Q&A was answered correctly?

I am thinking the condition for the trigger on the RESULTS slide would need to bascially say... "If test question slide 3.5 is correctly answered = results slide will show layer (BONUS POINT PADGE)"

Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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Jerry Beaucaire

Yes, first you would test for a correct answer on your bonus question slide and make that part of the submit process.  Something like this to get you thinking:

If RadioButton1 = Selected, set Variable Bonus1=True when user clicks Submit.

Then on your Results slide, position your badge where you want it to show, set it to initial state=hidden.

Then create a trigger:

If Bonus1=True, change the state of BonusBadge=Normal

Jerry Beaucaire

If the user has to click in the hotspot area to get the bonus correct, it's same suggestion as above.  Whatever triggers you have on the hotspot currently, you'll add the new one suggested above and move the the ew trigger up so that it occurs before the existing hotspot actions.

Set Variable Bonus1=True when user clicks Hotspot1

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