Show Layer Trigger isn't working. What am I missing?

I'm making my own quiz question because I needed more than 10 multiple choice options. I have a trigger to show layer "Correct" when three specific checkboxes are selected. But it never shows that layer. I've attached a screenshot of the slide and Triggers panel, but you may need more information than that. Thanks for any help!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Beth

From the image I can't tell if you are using a freeform PIck One type or just a content slide? Also there is no 'submit interaction trigger' which if you are using a content slide isn't required. 

Can you share the slide - might be easier for someone to help if you upload the slide.

Beth Haselhorst

Hi! Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and did a freeform slide (thanks Phil) for the time-being.

The other thing I was attempting to do by creating my own interaction was add logic. Ideally I would be able to give some feedback to the learner as to whether he picked some of the correct ones but not all (e.g., with a checkmark or something next to correct answers).

The learner cannot proceed until all correct selections are made. They will be able to go back and review content from previous slides in the course, but I'd like to provide some helpful feedback regarding what they got right. They can make infiinite attempts.

I've attached the freeform slide so you can see the type of content I'm working with. If you know of other discussions or any ideas on how to do this, I would love to hear them... assuming I was even clear in my description. :( Thank you!