Show "NEXT" button after moving all sliders

Jul 26, 2018

I have 5 sliders on a slide. I have a custom "Next" button with an initial state of "Hidden". I want this button to display only after the user has moved all 5 sliders.

I tried a numeric variable and a trigger that adds 1 to the variable when any slider moves. It works but if the user moves only one slider five times, the "Next" button shows up. I want the user to move all sliders before moving on. 

I'm using SL360.

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JC Blanchard

Hi Michael,

This is not exactly what I need. It works if the user moves all sliders to the right and leaves them all in that position. If I move the first slider to the right, and move it back to its original position and then move the other 4 sliders, the next button remains disabled, although I have moved all sliders.

I want the next button to show up after all sliders have been moved at least once, regardless of their position.

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