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Oct 30, 2014

Hi, I am making a survey consisting of 5 slides in Storyline.  Each slide has one slider.  The participant will move the slider on each page toward the left or right preference.   If they have no opinion then they'll leave the slider in the middle. Moving the slider towards the right means the variable on that page = 10.  Moving the slider to the left means the slider on that page = 0.  On the sixth page I want to show the Total points.  All I need to do is total all points from the 5 sliders.  I've tried a trigger on the first page stating 'setting 'Total' equal to value of Slider1 when the slider moves' but if the slider is moved more than once then the points just keep adding up and up.  Isn't there a wasy to just add up all the variables on the last page?

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Mike Enders

Hi Steven,

If you are adding multiple variables into that total variable, you should only have to have it do so on the final page where you're showing the total.  Or are you showing Total on each page?  If so, then that's a different animal!  

I've attached a sample file for your perusal.



Steven Tueller

Oh YES! This is just what I needed.
Thank You so much!! :)

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