Show Next Button Based on Number Variable

Oct 10, 2018

I have seen a lot of discussion about hide/reveal NEXT button but not quite seeing the issue I am running into. I have a slide where I have hidden the next button when the timeline starts (I will call this the 'home slide'). I want the NEXT button to appear again once 7 other slides have been viewed. (Each of these slides is accessed from the home slide.)

I have created a number variable with default = 0

Each of the 7 slides has this trigger: add 1 to the variable when timeline starts

The home slide has a trigger as follows: change state of NEXT button to normal when variable is greater than or equal to 7. 

However, the NEXT button is not showing on the home slide when I go through the entire scene. 

The home slide is set to resume to saved state;  I also set up a variable reference so I can see that the variable does equal 7 once all slides are visited.

Trying to figure out what piece I am missing. (File of the scene attached.)

Thanks for any ideas,


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Adena Wilson

Hi Wendy. Thank you very much for your help. Currently, I have only 1 variable and that is a number variable, which changes when each of the 7 designated slides is visited.  (Starts off as 0 and then grows by 1 each time one of those slides is visited). I tried changing the trigger to read "when timeline starts" and variable is greater than or equal to 7. But still no luck.

I will try your suggestion, so if I create 7 variables, my guess is that they would be T/F variables and that as each slide is accessed (so timeline starts) I change its variable from F to T, and then on the home slide, trigger the NEXT button to normal when all of those variables are equal to true. Does that sound right?

Again, thank you!

Ronnie Wilson-Miller

Hi Adena

You should be able to fix this with a couple of quick changes.

First, as Wendy said you need to change your first trigger from "when variable changes" to "when timeline starts". The variable change trigger will only operate if the variable changes on the same slide as the trigger. Because your variables are changing on separate slides it's not detecting the change.

By making it "when timeline starts" instead it will check this variable every time you load the page and reveal the next button when it's 7.

Secondly, you need to either move the "change state to hidden" trigger or put a condition that this only occurs when your slidesevenpointt variable is less than 7. Currently it will hide the next button after it's revealed. Alternatively you can move it upwards so it happens before the check, so then it will be hidden on every page load then revealed if your variable is 7.

This should do the trick! One thing to look out for though - what if your learners click on the same module twice? With a numbered variable they could in theory visit on the first topic 7 times and still unlock the next button. The suggestion of using 7 true/false variables would get around this - you can implement this as you've described above.

Hope this helps!

Adena Wilson

Ronnie, thank you as well! I especially appreciate the insight regarding the "change state to hidden" issue, needing to have a condition. My sense is that is what has been throwing it off (as well as Wendy's input on the using "when timeline starts"). I am going to try that now! 

I will think about the possibility that the learner can visit one slide 7 times and still get the next button. Thanks for bringing that up! 

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