Show slide # not working as expected

Hi everyone... it's me again.  I am still working on my 3 language project, but this is a different module.  I have a hiding menu on the slide master #2.  I have a language variable set to change to the appropriate language when the user clicks their language of choice.  The trigger that is not working is when the user clicks "burner", it should jump to scene 5 - burner-spanish if the variable language is equal to spanish.  When I click burner, it goes to scene 4, burner-english.  If i remove that trigger, it goes nowhere.

Of course I need to replicate this for all items on the menu, but if I can get some guidance on this, I appreciate it.

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Michael Hinze

The Burner button on the masterslide jumps to 5.1 when the language variable is SPANISH. However, this variable is set to Spanish on the language selection screen. You either need to correct the trigger to execute when the variable = Spanish, or, as I did in the attached, use the 'equal to, ignore case' condition.