show two layers simultaneously


I would like to build a slide with a video layer and a layer with the content appearing in context of the video timeline. The user should be able to switch between the content layer and the video layer. So both layers should run, but only one of them should be visible.

Unfortunately the timeline of a layer stops if I hide it.

Is there a way to implement this?



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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hmmm, if you put the video on the base layer you can add your additional content on a separate layer. The trigger to go to the content layer would be on the Base layer, on top of the video, off-screen or triggered by a timeline/cuepoint trigger. The cool thing is that if they access the content layer by default the video pauses. When they close the content layer the video resumes (you can also let the video keep playing if that's what you prefer. It's a setting for the layer).

Walt Hamilton


I place the video and the content as two objects on the same layer, and that way they both use the same timeline. I shrink the video to cover maybe 1/4 of the slide, and the content (pictures, text, objects) can show up on the rest of the slide.  If the content needs too much of the slide, I create a rectangle that exactly matches the background and place it over the video. Put the video all the way to the back, the rectangle just one level to the front of it, and other objects in front of them.  The video plays, the rectangle can appear or disappear (by timeline, or user action) making the video visible or not, and everything uses one timeline.

When I want the user to interact with the content, I put it on a separate layer because I want to pause the video timeline while the user is interacting.

To make the content appear and disappear, make each appearance a separate item that is controlled by the timeline.


example: Baking a cake

1. Slide starts with video introducing cake baking

2. Background rectangle1 fades in, effectively making video visual fade, with audio still running

3. Text box 1 appears "Assemble ingredients"

4. Text box 1 disappears as background rectangle1 fades out, giving appearance of video visual fading in. Video explains ingredients.

5. Background rectangle2 fades in, covering video.

6. Text box 2 appears "Assemble ingredients  Mix ingredients"