Bug ? - Pause Timeline of Base Layer property

Aug 02, 2013

I have a base layer (video) and 4 slide-layers that I trigger to display some additional content based on specific points on the video timeline.

When the first side-layer displays I have the "Pause Timeline of Base Layer" property selected. This stops the video and subsequent slide-layers from playing. When the timeline of this first slide-layer ends I trigger the video to start playing again and I return to the base layer video. All of this works great!! 

BUT after I return to the playing video after the first slide-layer has been displayed the rest of the slide-layers will no longer display. They should trigger as setup on the Base-Layer timeline

If I remove the "Pause Timeline of Base Layer" property and insert a "pause video" trigger the video will pause BUT slide-layers do not pause, they continue to play (this is a reported bug last November that does not seem to be fixed yet).

Is there a way-workaround to get my slide-layers to start playing after using the "Pause Timeline of Base Layer" property? Can I run a script??

Thanks in advance for any help!

1. Base Layer - video 

      1.1  Slide-Layer 1     Pause Timeline ----> return to base layer video ----> video plays

      1.2  Slide Layer 2     will not display

      1.2  Slide Layer 3     will not display

      1.2  Slide Layer 4     will not display

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Steve Flowers

Yep. That's the same method I use. Looks like your layer one timeline is 800+ seconds long. Since the layer is configured to hide when the timeline is finished (and unpause the base timeline) it's not going to do that until it reaches that 800 seconds. If you wait 14 minutes, it'll eventually work Alternately you could:

  • Shorten that timeline up. It'll take a bit of dragging the endpoint to get it over there.
  • Create another layer and just copy the object into that, redirecting your first dummy object trigger to the "new" layer
  • Create a trigger on your object within layer 1 to hide the current layer when the timeline of the object ends
Steve Flowers

Hi Ray - 

This has always worked for me.

Couple of things to note, you can only pause the base layer using the layer property "pauses base layer" your other layers will continue to play. Second, whether the video pauses or not depends on how the video is embedded in the base layer (without its own controls) and whether you have attempted to play or pause the video through a trigger.

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