Transitions Not Completing on Layers

Oct 23, 2015

Hi, all. I just noticed something in SL2 that I can't believe I hadn't seen before...

I created a trigger on the base layer of a slide. This trigger is set to show another layer after the timeline reaches 1 second. Applied to the other layer is a fade transition and in the layer properties, "Pause timeline of base layer" is selected. The idea is that the base layer will display some content and 1 second later, the other layer will fade in and pause the timeline. Once that second layer is closed, the rest of the content on the base layer will appear. The problem is, if "Pause timeline of base layer" is selected, that layer will never fully fade in. The transition effect is also paused.

Of course, I can work around this by applying a fade-in animation to every object on the layer. This just seems like a lot of extra work when we have the transition feature.

Anyone else noticed this? Is it a bug?

I've attached a quick test file.

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Doug Rice

Thanks, Terry.

That's certainly one possible workaround. The pause timeline trigger could fire after the layer transition has had enough time to complete. However, there would need to be a trigger/variable combo of some sort to resume the base layer timeline when the popup layer is closed because layer triggers can't do that directly.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Doug and Terry -- I will check with our QA team to determine if this is a known issue, and if not, I will go ahead and submit a ticket for further review. Terry, I appreciate the workaround that you've shared to assist Doug here in the meantime, and I while I cannot share a timeframe for if or when this matter will be resolved, I will be sure to share any updates I receive here in the thread as I receive them. 

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