Showing a layer depending on question outcome?

Mar 09, 2021

Hi all

I have a knowledge check where I've got a custom 'Continue' button rather than using the Player's submit. At the end the learner can 'Review' all questions and change answers if they want. I then have a 'Submit' button that submits all to the results slide; all good.

I have a 'Review' button on the Results slide and currently have the default 'correct/incorrect' trigger switched on.

What i want is to show a custom 'correct/incorrect' layer show when the learner clicks 'Review' from the Results slide. What built-in variable can i use that relates to the outcome of each question slide?

I can then add a trigger to each slide stating something like 'Show later xx if variable xx is correct' - and the same for incorrect.

I just don't wanna use the built in 'correct/incorrect' as it looks ugly to me! Sorry Articulate ;) - editable feedback would be great by the way!!


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Katie Riggio

Hey, Tom. No hard feelings!

We're tracking requests to customize certain elements of those layers, so I'll include your post in our internal report. Ren does a great job recapping the current experience here.

Let's see what we can come up with in the meantime. 🎨 

  • Idea 1. Simply add your take to the default feedback layers.  
    1. Enable the feedback layers for your question slides.
    2. Select your question slides and then right-click anywhere in any slide.
    3. Scroll to Apply Layout and choose Blank.
    4. Remove elements on the correct and incorrect layers and design those slides as needed.

Attached below is a sample slide if you'd like to take a tour.

Let me know if that helps, and I can't wait to see what ideas others have!