Showing a layer if DragDrop is correct and incorrect?

Oct 06, 2014

Hi folks,

I need some support on a DragDrop activity I'm developing in Storyline 1.

I have triggers set to show a layer if the drag and drop boxes are placed on the correct hotspots, but I need to get a different layer to show if they are in an incorrect layer.

Does anyone have any advice, or an example of how I can achieve this?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Alex, and welcome to Heroes!

You can use the feedback layers as a way to show up once you submit the interaction.

Attached is a .story file for an example. Once you add the quiz feedback to "by question" you can modify the layers to show the object you need.

You can make your "check" button submit the interaction, which will cause the feedback layers to appear.

This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but an idea.

Belen Ferrer

Hey Alexander,

I took a look at your file and I think the reason your Incorrect feedback isn't working is because you have Unlimited attempts enabled, which means that when the user gets it wrong, the program is trying to trigger the Try Again layer -- but your project doesn't have a Try Again layer, so the program is stuck.

You can either limit the number of attempts to 1 in the Edit Drag and Drop wondow, like so:

Or add a Try Again layer back in, with your 'Incorrect' graphics plus some kind of try again button.

Also, FYI, the way you have your triggers set up now, the Check layer will appear even if the user drops all the objects outside of any target. To make sure the Check layer only appears when all objects are on a target (ie: when all targets are filled), you can use some custom states. It's hard for me to explain, so I'm attaching your file with some modifications here, so you can see what I did. The first slide is your original, the second is modified. The second slide also includes a custom 'Try Again' layer, so the user does have unlimited attempts.

Hope this helps--

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