Showing a Layer with a True/False Variable

Sep 17, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to show a layer with an image of a check mark next to a completed section, which is represented by a graphic.

I can follow the variable and see that it has the correct value [True]. I have tried associating the trigger with the slide itself and with an image object to get the layer to show when [variable == Equal to True] but the layer is not visible.

Is it possible to trigger a layer to display with a variable?


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Toni Lampros

If I am reading your question correctly I think I have achieved what you are trying to do. Without seeing the file I could give a few thoughts:

Are you having the learner redirect to the slide where the check mark would display? If so - Is it set to "when revisted return to initial state" 

I found that number variables work better then True/False when you are navigating back to previous slides - I can't say for sure but if you are using the same variable over and over it is likely negating itself. If you use numeric variables you can set the slides up so they still return to initial state BUT the variable that was previously satisfied still appears. For example you have three section, each with 5 slides. I would set up 15 variables, one for each slide with an initial value of 0. On each slide i would change variable to 1 when timeline ended. I would then set up three variables - one associated with each section - on the menu slide. Then have a trigger set up to change the section variable if all slide variable were = 1. This way you can see your check and if the learner goes back to any slide they already viewed - and then return to the menu they still see the check.

It is kind of hard to explain without seeing exactly what you are doing - if you would like to send me your file I can review and show you what I am trying to explain.

Connie Malamed

Thanks very much, Toni. I appreciate your taking the time to answer. I'm only using each variable one time and I can see that it is working, from using the text reference. You may be making things too hard for yourself using 15 variables, as the value will remain in memory and shouldn't need to be on every slide.

But anyway, I haven't seen anything like "when revisited return to initial state." I'm wondering if that's for a button, because I'm not using buttons in my menu, but images. I'm beginning to think that perhaps you can't "Show a Layer"  through a change in variable value. Does anyone know?

Toni Lampros

I have found that the memory of the variable was causing them to negate themselves and not work for me - I found that if i need a variable to work on multiple slides it is better to use different variables. You can actually create it once and copy and paste into a new variable.

I also found that numeric variables work better then True False for me.

The "when revisited return to initial state" is an option for the slide as a whole - when selected the slide will always return to the initial state when revisited. You can apply this on the Slide Properties on the right side of the screen in storyview.

I was also thinking that you might use state changed to trigger the layer - for example you would have the layer show with the check when the state of the button is "visited" or "selected".

I am doing a considerable amount of work in Storyline - it sounds like you are as well. If you ever want to chat about what we are doing or send me some files that you need advice on please feel free. Storyline is so new that I welcome the opportunity to work with others who are applying ID with the sodtware. I have also been using the product to deploy for mobile, have you tested any courses on the iPad yet?


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