Showing a specific slide only once?

Dec 02, 2014

Hi All, 

I'm trying to create a module where the user selects from a list of 5 objectives and then a demo is shown of the process. 

I want to include instructions for these demo's but I only want them to be displayed once no matter which objective the user chooses to start with. 

I cannot seem to work out the best way of doing this and wondered if anyone knew what I need to do?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Louis,

I think a variable will help you accomplish what you need. Depending on your set up and navigation method, you'll want to set up a T/F variable that is adjusted from False to True based on something the user clicks on within the objective slide or the timeline of the slide ending. You'll also want to add a trigger to the slide that "jumps the user to X slide" (which ever slide would come next in your sequence or that you'd like them to see) when the timeline starts on the condition that the variable is true. This way if they end up revisiting the slide the slide will automatically advance them to the next slide in the course. 

For more information on using variables you'll want to review the tutorials here. 

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