Showing Course Progress to LMS using suspend_data

How do I find suspend_data string in Storyline and Is there any way I can modify it so that it actually looks like the one I want it to be?
I want my suspend_data string to look like,
A, B
where A is the percentage of progress (dynamically changes with progress on the course),
and B is the rest of the string.

If A = 35%
B = 12edaD3rnbmwfiujh324ohbjvJHCBMAbdjygb3eri2bBCA
suspend data should look like this,

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Graphic Design team!

Thanks for your post.

Because suspend data is compressed to allow for more robust storage, the suspend_data string in an LMS debug log isn't human-readable. That is, there isn't a way to decipher it.

I'll leave manipulating this data to your community colleagues, as I'm curious as well!