Storyline 1 - HTML5 output LMS issue with suspend_data

Jul 30, 2015


We are using Storyline 1 update 8, we've set the player to Never Resume and we use our own JavaScript code to store the course progress within the LMS.  If running the course via Flash all works fine. If we disable the Flash plugin and run in HTML5 storyline stores it's own course progress within suspend_data in the LMS, the standard encrypted way which we don't want and our JavaScript is ignored.  The reason we don't want the encrypted progress stored within the LMS is that it makes future updates impossible, as if additional slides are added it corrupts the users progress and corrupts the course.


Does anyone know how to stop the player in HTML5 storing progress data within the LMS in Suspend_data and make the JavaScript triggers work as they do in Flash?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Marcus -- You may already be aware of this, but I thought I would mention for good measure... Unfortunately, we don't provide support for JavaScript coding, it may be helpful to take a look at this document on JavaScript Best Practices. Hopefully, some of our JS experts in the community can chime in with suggestions!  :)

Marcus White

Thank you for your reply, however the question isn't really about JavaScript code.

Question 1 - In HTML5, Storyline stores progress data in the LMS suspend_data, how do you stop this?  Setting the Player to Never Resume works for Flash but in Html5 it is still putting data into suspend_data.

Question 2 - Are JavaScript Triggers supported in HTML5 output?  Ours don't work in Html5 but work fine in Flash.  So before I spend time trying to fine out why, just wanted to know.







Marcus White

I mean that we used JavaScript triggers to store our own data within suspend_data in the LMS with Player set to NEVER resume, but the JS just doesn't get called 99% of the time and storyline instead overwrites the data within suspend_data with it's progress (like it's set to ALWAYS resume).  We then tried saving data within lesson_location using JavaScript, but if Storyline saves it's progress within suspend_data it doesn't seem to call our JS triggers. 

Another issue we found was if saving progress in LIVE LMS using ALWAYS resume, if you have to update the course (add a page) when you outputted the course and uploaded to LMS.  People lost there progress within the course or worse the course displayed all over the place.  As some of our courses are 2 hours long, this was a disaster.

Therefore we don't output for html5 now and will probably have to look for another product next year.


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