Custom LMS Tracking Issues

Dec 20, 2019

We have created our own custom LMS system using PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and MySQL.

We want to be able to have our users resume from were they left off in the course on different computers/browsers (so the current Cookie method doesn't work for us as built into Storyline [Web > Publish formats > Publish as HTML5/Flash]).

We want to extract/get/know the last page the user was on from the published files (LMS > Publish formats > Publish as HTML5/Flash) of the course to store in our database, so the next time the user logs in, regardless of what computer/browser they are on, we can take them back to that page they were last on by pulling that key/token/reference point from our database which we stored.

We contacted support and they indicated this info is in the suspend_data element which is compressed by Storyline, so no way to read it by us.

Has anyone found a work around to this?

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Dwayne Melcher

Thanks, this is helpful, so now we have the info, here is the next step, not sure if you can help with this:

Now we want to know how to tell the storyline file where to resume from the LMS. We already track the percentage complete, I am looking for some info on how to “create a custom restore point” in Storyline, so take this data being sent back from the database and use it to put the user back to where they last left off.

Phil Mayor

For a custom restore point you are going to have to track variables and send that back into the course, the easiest way would be as part of the url. Matthew Bibby has a tutorial for doing this.

If you just want to restore where the user left then send the resume data back in. The more difficult way would be to save the resume data for each viewed slide and then send that back to the course at the point you want to resume. This is what James Kingsley does in Review my Elearning.

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Dwayne Melcher

So we are able to extract the page information the user was last on now, store it in our database, then we send it back to Storyline.  However we need to know how to take that information and set the resume in Storyline, any ideas on this?  So how do we get our resume data back into Storyline?

Also when we publish as LMS we don't get the Resume feature working anymore, it seems to have stopped.

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