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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Starla!

It can be tricky to display learner's answers to a freeform drag-an-drop exercise on another slide. Can you tell me more about what you had in mind for this slide? You may be able to achieve the same result using a layer, which would be quite a bit easier. 

If you can tell me more and even share a screenshot or two, I'm happy to share my ideas with you!

Starla West

By the way, this is my first time building anything like this. I've never built any eLearning before yet alone use Storyline 360 so if there are easier ways to do what I've done in the exercise I sent you, I'm all ears! I simply want to make sure my clients have an opportunity to print all their answers. Thanks a ton for your help!

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file, Starla! You've done a really nice job designing this interaction! 🌟

Storyline includes a built-in Print Results button on the Result Slide which allows learners to print a copy of their results. However, it looks like you need something more customized than that. 

We have quite a few creative instructional designers in the community, so I'm curious to see what ideas they'll share with you!

Starla West

Thank you, Alyssa. All of my questions and exercises are non-graded and the print results feature only prints scores, correct?

You are correct, I'm looking for something more customized as I would like to give the learner the opportunity to print all their answers to the non- graded essay and drag and drop questions.

Randy Hill

Hey Starla, question, I don't see any drag and drop exercises here, just text values entered. Am I missing something? 

For your first time in Storyline here, you have done a lot. A couple of things just for designing cleaner courses. 
1. You can set initial button states via the states tab. So on the Wheel of life slide, all those slide triggers at the beginning are not necessary, just select the object go to the states tab and select the initial state. 
2. You do not have to create a hotspot to act as a button, any object can be used as a button, just add a hover state and a visited state to it.
3. Any shape, for the most part, can contain text, you don't need to add a text box over a shape. So for all your circles, on the wheel of life page, they can be used as both text box and button. This will save you a ton of space on you time line, also a much cleaner interaction.

If we are talking about drag and drops showing information elsewhere, I just responded to another question on this same site about that. It is totally possible, you just have to adjust a variable once you drop an object on a slide. Then on the other slide, you can display a property if a value is set to whatever you had it. Take a look at my explanation over there and if you have questions let me know.

Hopefully this helped a little. Always willing to help new comers to build better courses.

Starla West

Thank you, Randy! That did the trick. Although it was quite the laborious activity, I was able to make it happen. If you're interested, the course exercise where I needed to do this is attached. I really appreciate the support of this entire community especially as I continue on this journey to eventually become a pro at this.