Showing duration of Slide in Seekbar/Slide? (Current Time / Total time of slide)

Nov 26, 2014


Thank you for taking the time to view this. I'm at a loss in this regard.

Is it possible to show a timer of the Seekbar / slide's progress in the format of MM:SS? My company utilizes the overall score reporting to see how long users are taking, but we want the users to also know - that way if they have a question about, say slide 15, around the 3.5 minute mark, it will be easier for them to pinpoint the exact location.


For example: 0:00 / 4:22


For example: 1:24 / 4:22

I've searched around and believe I found one topic from a few years ago that answered this, and they said no it wasn't available. Has this changed? If not officially supported, does anyone know of an alternative method? Like porting in a web object/stopwatch or something to that effect.

Heck, I'd be fine with messing with variables that increment every second of the timeline, if possible.

Thank you for time!

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