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Feb 10, 2020


Does anyone knows how to hide a "next" button until the whole slide is seen? I know how to do it with variables, although I find it quite tricky because I have to generate a different variable for each slide... Perhaps there is a simple way that I am not finding.

The idea is that the user can go back and forth in the contents already visited to watch them again (with the possibility to go forth without waiting the already seen slide finishes).

It would be ideal if an option to hide/show elements "if slide was already visited", independently in each slide.

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Luciana Santimaria

Hi Wendy,

Thank you again.

Imagine a power point with only two big buttons inside the screen "previous" and "next". When you are watching the slide, you only see "previous". When you finish the slide, "next" button appears. Then, you can go to the next slide.

If you want to refresh contents you have seen in previous slides, you may go and watch them again (Slide behaviour: "Reset to initial state"). But in that case, both buttons will appear in the slide, because you have already watch it before.

Anybody else can help me making this simplier, without having to set 2 or 3 lines of variables on each slide? 





Luciana Santimaria

I think I understood why this is not working:

My client wants:

Not to be able to go to next slide before watching all content. "Next" button is available only if the slide has already been watched.

After finishing slide, it has to run to new slide automatically, like a video (this point is different from Priotr's example)

I think this two things are not compatible...  


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