Silent Training Modules


Has anyone had experience designing Storyline modules with no audio? I have a new job, and the designers here have built mostly training modules that are read-only.  It is how management prefers it.  I disagree with this (I work by keeping in mind the four types of learners), and I am not accustomed to creating silent modules.  I feel it requires a different design style.  

Any tips?

What should I focus on, how much text information should be on the slide, and how would a user effectively "read" through a training module with text and animation on the slide, AND complete paragraphs to read in the Notes section (moving back and forth). It seems almost impossible to convey messages effectively if they are watching animation, and then trying to read at the same time.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Caroline,

The decision of whether to use sound or not depends on your learners.  I know some people who never use sound in their courses, because their learners work in a busy, or noisy environments and do not even have speakers on their computers.  Your company may also be trying to save money, time or both by not using narration.  

I think you can still create effective learning without audio.  Use visual images that compliment and/or help to explain the written portion of the course.  The four types of learning styles has been debunked.