Silly issue with layout used number in Storyline 2

Hi team!

I just found a silly issue with layout used tooltip - for some reason it shows negative number. I have 15 slides in the project with 5 blank layouts and 10 my custom layouts. When hover the mouse over the layout icon the tooltip shows '-4' instead of '10'.

See screenshot attached. Source file is attached as well.

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrey,

I also see a similar issue that was reported to our QA team so I'll include this thread as well. Additionally you can  right-click on the master slide for the layout(s) showing incorrect usage counts and un-check the 'Preserve Master' option (if it's not checked, they can check it, and then un-check it).

Unchecking 'Preserve Master' will force SL2 to re-calculate all of the layout usage and should get everything back to normal. You can re-check that option afterward without it harming anything, but be sure to save the project immediately afterward to make sure that the updated counts are persisted.