"Simple" but looks impossible using Storyline : Interacting with user's mouse cursor

Hi, Heros

"Simple" but looks impossible using Storyline 3:

I want a black color Text on my slide which interacts with the user simply...


when the user hovers over the text, the user's cursor turns to hand cursor and the text color turns to red and when the user clicks we go to slide two.

Of course, if the user's mouse cursor leaves the text box area it goes back to black.

I have tried this jQuery with no luck:


var item = $('[aria-label="myText"] svg')

$(item).hover(function() {
}, function() {


Thanks in advance for any help...

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Matthew Bibby

The hand cursor appears whenever clicking on an object does something. If you add a trigger to the text box that does something like adjust a variable, the hand cursor will appear. So, create a variable called Whatever and add a trigger to your text box that says "When the user clicks the text box, change the Whatever variable to Something." Then the hand will appear...