Simulate Multiple Quiz Questions on a Slide - math not working

Dec 04, 2019

Hi all,

I'm building a course in Storyline, and at the beginning of certain modules I want to have my participants take a pre-assessment quiz. If they pass the quiz, they can skip the module. 

We know you can only have one quiz question on a slide, so I'm attempting to simulate a quiz using variables and triggers. 

I have 12 questions on a slide. Participants are to select the "true" statements (there are 9) and not the false statements (there are 3 of those). I've set it up so that a value of 1 is added for correct answers, and a value of 1 is subtracted for incorrect answers. 

The total possible score should be 9, because there are 9 correct answers. However, in testing if I choose only the 3 wrong answers, the score is 15. I'm guessing this has something to do with the variable not being able to show a negative number? Too many of my testers are getting scores that don't add up. Any suggestions are appreciated. 

Edit: Storyline can show a negative number, so I'm still not sure what is happening. I did notice that the other modules were working while one was not. The other modules had the quiz spread across two screens, and this one had the quiz all on one screen. I split it into two screens and things seem to be working now. I have no idea why this would be - to me it indicates some kind of weird bug. 


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