Simulating an earthquake

Jul 13, 2013

I'm only a low level Storyline user (but getting better all the time thanks to everything the community shares! Thank you!). I just got a bit stuck and thought I'd ask out there if anyone has any suggestions for how to approach this as an interaction. I'm sure something can be done in Storyline without going up to anything more complex.

We are looking to create a little resource for our kids to prepare their classroom to be safe in the event of an earthquake and want them to be able to look at a classroom picture, click a button to start an earthquake, watch what happens to the classroom and then explore how to prevent the danger.

In summary:

  • View of a classroom with some earthquake hazards (things that could fall, loose scissors, broken torch etc)
  • Click a button to start the earthquake
  • Room shakes and a few things fall off

The plan is then to go on and maybe hotspot each fallen item and explain what you should do to prepare the classroom safely. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - a little project for those of you who like to try things out!

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Cathy, and welcome to the forum:

Emersion created a Articulate Studio course on preparing for an earthquake. It's sure to give you lots of ideas. Here is the link. Preparing for earthquake  You can also find the course if you do a google search for Articulate Community Showcase. Sounds of an earthquake seem to be a must-have.

Tom Kuhlmann also did a blog post (on learning objectives) that had some disaster type stuff in it. Here it is.  These two resources are probably more than enough to get you going. --Daniel

Diana Myers

Hi Cathy,

Welcome to the community!!  I'm a Storyline novice, too, and hopefully your post will get a few more replies soon.  In the meantime, I took a brief attempt at creating a "Classroom Quake" - take a look and let me know if this is similar to the effect you wanted.  It's nothing fancy (and I'm sure there are several different ways to create this type of effect), but it's easy enough to do since it's just a graphic copied multple times, shortened down to .25 sec each and then I somewhat randomly adjusted the onscreen position and rotation.

Classroom Quake Demo

Classroom Quake Storyline File

Let me know if you have any questions!  Good luck,


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