Simulating taking a blood pressure - obtaining correct results

Mar 03, 2021

I noticed a thread from several months ago where Marinetta Demoss questioned how to create a blood pressure cuff simulation. There was great response. I am working on a very similar project. I am developing a Blood Pressure skills check with a sphygmomanometer as well. The difference is I need the user to enter the correct pressure values. In my example, I have imported an animation to display the meter and play the audio. I was not aware of the dial feature in Storyline until I saw the example posted in response to Marinetta. But the clip serves its purpose. The problem I have is the user must enter two answers to a single test question. The user must enter both the correct Systolic and also the Diastolic pressure. To quickly get this functioning like a test question, I created the activity on a single slide, but not a test question slide. So now if answered correctly, I need to add points to the Results.ScorePoints system variable. Can points be added to the Results.ScorePoints? There will be five questions with different blood pressure readings.  I noticed some reference to Results.ScorePoints in other threads using JavaScript. But my JavaScript skills are limited at best. Or can I create this using a test question slide with two answers being submitted to the question “What is the Systolic and Diastolic results?”

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Walt Hamilton

In the first place, if you have two answers (even if they must both be answered correctly), you have two questions, even if you want them to appear as one single question to the learner. This is a visual medium, and it doesn't matter what you have; what matters is what it looks like. The learners need never know if they are answering one or two questions. You can put up a text that says "What are the Systolic and Diastolic pressures?" followed by two  Numeric Entry boxes. If you are willing to accept that it is two questions that look like one question to the learner, it can be made to work.

Still, the way you phrased the question shows that you might be open to a simpler method, and there is one.

I would make the question slide a regular slide.

1.Create a variable testQuestionOneCorrect (Can be T/F or text variable. Can use two varaibles if you want to give partial credit for getting one reading correct.) 

2. Attach a trigger to Submit button: Adjust variable testQuestionOneCorrect = true if [systolic and diastolic] are correct when user clicks Submit.

3. Attach a trigger to Submit button: Jump to slide [real pick one quiz slide] when user clicks Submit.

4. Build real pick one slide with Correct object and Incorrect object. 

5. Create trigger for pick one slide: Change state [Correct object] Selected when timeline starts this slide on condition testQuestionOneCorrect = true

6. Create trigger for pick one slide: Change state [Incorrect object] Selected when timeline starts this slide on condition testQuestionOneCorrect <> true

7. Submit Pick One Interaction when timeline starts on this slide