Simulation not replaying properly

Oct 21, 2014

I'm working on a software training module comprised of several lessons.  Each lesson is built with several scenes:

  1. The first scene describes a feature, why, how and when it is used.
  2. The second scene is a self-running demo in which the student watches how the feature is used in the software -- on the first watch, it runs exactly as designed.  On the last slide of the demo, I've placed a button called 'Replay' that jumps to the first slide of the demo, to give the student an opportunity to watch the demo again.
  3. The third scene is a hands-on exercise in which the student uses the feature in a way that is relavent to how they will use it in their job.  At the end of this scene they can take a short practice quiz to test their retention. After the results slide I've place a transition slide.  If they click the 'Next' button in the transition slide, they move on to the next lesson in the module.  Or, if they didn't do very well in the exercise, or they did poorly in the practice quiz, they have the opportunity to click a 'Lesson' button that jumps back to the beginning of the first scene in the lesson.

Here's the problem:  regardless of which button they click 'Lesson' or 'Replay', when they return to the demo, it runs completely irratically.  The timing is way off, running too fast and jumping from slide to slide sometimes missing slides altogether. 

Has anyone experienced this problem?  If so, does anyone have any suggestions to fix it?   I've looked at the possibility of refreshing or clearing memory, but don't see a way to do that.   I know that there will be many students who will want to repeat the lesson and/or demo, so this is important to my module.  It doesn't seem that I am doing anything that Storyline shouldn't be able to handle.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Basia!

Are you hosting testing this in the intended environment?

We recommend to view your content in the environment for which it was published:

  • Web: Upload your presentation to a web server and view the content with a valid http address.
  • LMS: Upload your presentation to your LMS, then login as an end-user and view the course.
  • Articulate Online: Upload your presentation to your Articulate Online account.
  • Offline: If you'll be distributing your content offline, publish for CD.

Also please make sure you are working locally as described here.

You can follow the steps outlined here for erratic behavior in Storyline.

Basia Flournoy


I attempted to follow the repair instructions give in the link; however, I maybe missing something.  I am using Storyline 1 but did not find a download for it.   My office cannot upgrade to Storyline 2 until early 2015.   Can you point me in the right direction to find Storyline 1?

Thank you for your help.


Basia Flournoy

Emily - I've followed the steps to reinstall Storyline, which helped repair a quirk that recently seemed to have Storyline infrequently loosing access to the menus at the top of the screen, and may have helped the 'Replay' problem.  But, I also discovered that for this Module, I had the properties set to 'when revisiting;' 'Automatically Decide.'   I had forgotten to changed to 'Reset to initial state' in the simulation slides.  So now, everything is working correctly.   Phew!  What a relief!

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