Single-Slide Survey with 2 Trackable Quizzing Variables

Apr 10, 2014

Hello Heroes!

Situation: Using Storyline, I'm trying to put together a survey that allows two different likert style questions to be used on a single slide (or the appearance of a single slide), while also tracking and reporting results.

For example, on a single slide, I'd like to have respondents be able to:

  1. Read a statement; a description of a job activity in this case,
  2. Use a five point likert scale (or equivalent) for a respondent to rate the frequency that they perform this specific activity, and then
  3. Use a second five point likert scale to allow the respondent to rate their level of skill in performing that same job activity.

Comments: So far, I've tried a variety of different configurations and techniques without any success. It appears that "Quizzing" functionality, whether graded or survey, is limited to a single slide (i.e., one slide, one likert scale); Is this the case, or might there be a workaround that I'm not thinking about? Maybe having to do with layers, lightboxs, etc.??? I'm a new user, so there may be an obvious solution right in front of me that I'm just not seeing.

I'm trying to minimize the number of times a survey respondent has to interact (i.e., next or a button) to advance the survey, and also ensure that they only have to read a line item question (the activity itself) one time only.

I've got a couple of ideas to still try out, but if anyone can help it would truly be appreciated. If this can't be done, I'd much rather find out sooner than later.

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Yes, each of the built in questions can only be set up as one question per slide - but a built in likert should allow you to rate multiple items on the same slide. There are some known issues with reporting the value of the Likert as detailed here  so I have heard of users created a more customized Likert  type question using the "Pick many" question type and a couple button sets for the likert values. Here is one example to get you going. 

Chris Moreci

Hi Ashley,

Adding items to the built-in likert hasn't been the problem, the issue has been trying to have two totally seperate likert scales on a single slide, each with different scale values/descripters, all aligned to a single item/statement - for example:

statement 1 > [likert 1A / rating value set A] >  [likert 1B / rating value set B]

Respondent reads statement 1 (job activity 1), selects response for likert 1A value set A (job activity 1 frequency - Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually), and then selects response for likert 1B value set B (job actvity 1 skill - Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High).

I believe that the "pick many" question type with the radio button sets will do the trick; great example, thanks!

You guys are awesome . . . thanks so much for your help; it's very much appreciated!!!


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