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Mar 14, 2014

Hi All,

I know SL is capable of dealing with an infinite number of slides and scenes. For one of my eLearning projects I have a very complicated course structure. 130 scenes totaling 620 slides (1.3 GB). There is no way of cutting it in different SL-files as information is made available as the trainee goes along. At any given time the trainee need to be able to go back into a part of the course that he has already done. From a navigational point there is no issue, nor is there an issue its complexity.

The issue is that editing the course becomes very very very slow, 10' befoer I can start working. There reason is because by default SL opens on the SL-view, which in my case takes ages to render. As SL is 32-bit application it can only see 2GB of memory and therefore a lot of  memory swapping is taking place.

Question is, is there a way of speeding up (the loading of) SL.



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Brian Allen

Not a direct answer here, but I've seen some folks develop huge courses like this in smaller chunks and then combine for publishing.  It would see that this may help speed up the loading process, as you'd be working with much smaller chunks, although I honestly don't know what kind of impact this would have as far as making the authoring process more complex.

Geert De Rycke

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply,

that is what we're doing, we are 4 developers, once all our individual parts have been developed we assemble them into the final course. This is where i'm having difficulties with speed (or lack of...) I need to implement the navigation, next.previous... linking slides ... reapplying the master slides... (when we import modules, the master sldes are imported as well...)


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