Size of bullets in articulate storyline text

Aug 06, 2012

This is a really weird one - the last bullet in a  bulleted list keeps coming up a different size, and I don't know how to stop it. I can;t select the bullet separately like you do in MS word, it happens no matter what font we are using, but I am just working in Articulate font size 12 - nothing fancy! 

Amy ideas community? 

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Greg Damron

Hi Dani,

This topic has come up in a couple of threads, here's a link to one just below that may be helpful

I've had some luck with leaving a blank line at the end of the text to be bullet-ed, doing this before initially applying the bullets seems to prevent the problem most times.

Something else that has been helpful at times: instead of selecting the the lines of text, select the entire text box and then apply bullets - although doing this means separate text boxes for your bullet-ed and non-bullet-ed text

I'm sure there is a more permanent solution in the works, i hope this may be of help for now.

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