SL 360 Text Box bullet point font stretching when apply animation effect and objects alignment run-off when publish.

Mar 03, 2022

Recently I have encounter the problem of;

1) Text Box bullet point font size run off, when i applied the animation > fade > effect option > by paragraph. The 1st bullet point fade in with the text (font) size is abit smaller compared to the last bullet point font size. See the attachments.

2) Alignment of 2 or 3 objects appear run-off after file published. Example, I align 2 objects to center, preview mode look ok, but after published, one of the object look like it was leaning to left side and not in center.  

3) Shape box alignment. I draw few shape boxes, and align it properly, in preview mode everything look ok, but after published the box line look thick, or got little space in between the boxes. Refer to attachment.

So, to solve the 1st issue, i have to manually do the animation fade in of bullet point one by one. If i have 5 bullet points, i need to draw 5 text boxes instead of one.

To solve the 3rd issue, i need to draw the boxes in adobe illustrate and save it as a jpeg, then import to SL360. 

This issue occur after the latest updated. kindly address the problems.

Tq very much. Cheer

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