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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Julie!

I believe Phil's referring to the actual "Marker Border". You could edit this under "Marker Styles", "Marker Border", "Weight" and "More Lines". 

In the "Format Shape" window, you can set the border to a larger size, 20 as Phil suggested will make the marker look quite a bit larger. You can also adjust the transparency for the border and match the color you selected for the marker's fill. 

Now, keep in mind that this will make the marker look larger, but I don't believe there's a way to adjust the image/icon in the center. However, it may still make it easier for users to interact with the maker after adjusting the border size. 

I hope this helps!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Julie,

You should be able to go even higher than that size, if you want. Really depends on how you want your course to display :)

If nothing else, you could create a custom marker and description. Just create a "Selected" state that shows the marker description. Not only would this allow you to customize the size of the marker, it may also enable you to carry through the design for the rest of your course. 

I made a very quick example, if you'd like to check it out:


Hopefully something like this will work for you :)


Stephan Sinka


Thanks for the example of your custom Marker, it certainly is much larger than stock . Could you please post a screenr of HOW you made/adjusted the marker?I may be missing something obvious but I can't seem to recreate the customization. Did you import an image and add the marker qualities to it or insert a marker and customize it or is that even possible? Is there any way to modify the trigger(s) that requires the learner to "click"  the second time on the icon inorder to open the larger message window? I'm very much a visual learner and would appreciate the' how to' screen capture.

Thanks in Advance!



Steve Flowers

You can make markers appear smaller by making the border and fill transparent. Going into the states, you can then add a smaller shape that appears smaller over the top of your transparent area. 

The marker isn't actually smaller. The illusion is created that it is. You can apply the same method to make the marker larger or any style you like.