Skip quiz after using Previous button

Jun 29, 2015

I want the training to skip over a quiz slide if the user has already taken the quiz.

Example: I have slide 1.12 go to slide 1.13 which is the quiz when the Next button is pressed. When the quiz is correct it moves to slide 1.14. If the user clicks the Previous button on slide 1.14 it moves back to 1.12. I want slide 1.12 to progress to 1.14 on clicking the Next button if the quiz on slide 1.13 is correct.

Basically, once the quiz is complete I don't want the user to see it again. 

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Jackson Hamner
Have a variable on the slide 1.13 that sets a variable to TRUE if quiz is correct.
On 1.12 have it move to the next slide IF variable is FALSE
On 1.12 have it move to 1.14 if variable is TRUE
have 1.14 always move to 1.2 when they press the PREV button


is that what you meant? I attached a story file as an example, I hope it helps!

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