Skip to the end of a slide?

Sep 15, 2014


Is it possible to create a trigger that would skip to the end of a slide without using layers?



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Ian Monk


I am creating a branch scenario training module.

I have designed the interface to be intuitive, but we are still going to give users a brief navigation tutorial when they reach the first "challenge menu". Since adding the navigation tutorial, we have decided that we also want to give them the opportunity to skip through the navigation tutorial if they feel they wouldn't benefit from it.

Basically, the slide has already been developed and I don't want to break it into separate slides or start adding layers.

A trigger to skip to the end of the slide would solve my problem.



Harri S

Hmmmm, that is an interesting one. Ordinarily I would say just add an onscreen 'skip' button that would jump to the next slide (or show the next layer) but I understand an aversion to rebuilding already completed content. 

As far as I can tell, skipping to the end of the timeline isn't possible. But you never know, someone else on the forums might have a coding route around it. 

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