SL 360: Adding zoom resizes picture, making it tiny

I start off with a graded question slide that has a picture about 900 width. I only have room for 500 width on the slide. When I preview, the picture is 500 wide and a little small so I add zoom photo. Now when I preview, the picture starts off about 100 wide. The zoom seems to work, but I don't want the picture to start off super tiny.

As soon as I remove zoom photo, the slide displays normally. Add zoom back in and the picture gets tiny again.

Any clues for me?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Don't use the insert picture from form view. Instead, go to slide view and insert picture. Then position it where you want. Add the zoom. 

When using form view, it uses the master form with the image in the top left. By using slide view, you have a freeform stage where you have more control over the size/position to start.

James Trotta

Thanks Tom,

I thought I had been inserting pictures from slide view but I went back this morning, made sure I was in slide view, and got a couple slides to work. Then I had some meetings. Came back a few hours later and did another one from slide view. On preview, that slide had the tiny image in the upper left. Then I previewed the slides I had working this morning and the images on those slides were once again tiny and upper left. Is there a ghost in my Articulate 360?

Edit - After closing and restarting SL 360, all worked as expected.