SL 360 Publish to SABA LMS-Clicktools Link Corruption

May 15, 2018

We are publishing to SABA and testing mobile capabilities on various browsers, tools (Android and Apple products).

When we go to access a Clicktools survey embedded (hyperlinked) in the course, it says the survey is corrupted.

We test the link outside the LMS, it is fine.  We test the link inside SL 360 before we publish-it is fine.

Once it sits in the SABA LMS environment (for mobile distribution) it somehow gets broken. 


Any idea or suggestions?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Emily.  Hopefully some community members with SABA experience can weigh in on hyperlinks.  A couple of things that I would consider:

  • Does your course open in a new page in SABA or does it sit in the LMS frame?
  • Do other hyperlinks work in this course (or in others that you have hosted in SABA)?
  • Are there any permissions requirements to view the survey that might not get passed from within the SABA environment?

Good luck - hoping you get some good feedback soon!  I would also check out SABA support for any additional insight.

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