SL 360, Publish to Video (animated gif in lesson issues)


I have a SL module that I am trying to Publish to a video format. In one of my slides I have two short animated GIFs. They play fine when Publishing to Web or LMS, but I have issues when Publishing to Video.

The clips are sped up when Published to Video

One GIF plays more of the clip, since sped up and there's more time to play.

The other GIF is also sped up but it's shorter, so it plays twice (I want it to only play once).

Why is there such a difference when Publishing to Video? Is there a workaround?


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Katie Riggio

Hi S T,

Thank you for those helpful clues! 

Your description matches an open bug in Storyline 360, where the frame rate of the animated GIF is much faster than its original speed when published to video.

I'm sorry I haven't found a workaround yet, but I'll share your post with my team and notify you of any updates!