SL 360 Screen Recording a process with specific text required

Mar 08, 2022


I have a project where I am recording a process. I would like the participant to enter specific text with instruction in caption boxes along the way. (This is not a graded process).

I have been able to capture this but the text box entries are not functioning as I intended. When I test, I can enter any text rather than a specific text/word. The only piece I can find that looks out of place is in the object trigger stating as below:

Text Entry

Set Text entry 43 equal to the typed value 

When Text Entry loses focus

If anyone has had this experience and found a way out I would be great for some direct.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Jan.

Thank you for reaching out!

You mentioned in the beginning that this is not a graded process. However, it sounds like you want to check the user's typed response against a specific one, right?

How do you envision them receiving feedback on the typed response?

If you can share the .story file, we should be able to offer specific suggestions to your scenario.