SL Scrolling Panel not working properly on iPAD Air (Safari-HTML5)

Feb 10, 2014


It seems other people got these scrolling panels working for them. I followed all the possible instructions and also tips on this page: but can't get properly working scrolling panels on iPAD via Safari

This is what I am noticing:

- When published using Storyline with Update 5 installed. Sometimes it works only once. But very unpredictable behavior. I have to keep on trying using two fingers. 

- When published using older Storyline version (Update 3). It works more than once, but over all it is not smooth and annoying. Very unpredictable behavior. I have to keep on trying using two fingers. 

Has any one got Scrolling Panels working smoothly and nicely on iPad Air (HTML 5, VIEWED ON SAFARI) after installing update 5? I hope yes.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hassan,

It can be a little finicky with the two finger scrolling, but I am able to get it to work within Update 5. I've heard other users in the forums discuss it not being intuitive and if you'd like to share thoughts on that with our product development team, please share your thoughts in the form of a feature request. 

Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Ashley,

Could you please share any file? Because it did not work for me. It just scrolled once and after that no response at all. I am working on a project and Scrolling Panels are an important part of it. So it would be good to know if such functionality can be achieved.

I know how two finger scrolling works on IPad, but not sure how to get it working on a Storyline project.

Thanks once again.


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