Google Chrome for iPad

Anyone tested HTML5 content with Google Chrome on an iPad? Chrome just came out recently for iPad and I was crossing my fingers that maybe HTML5 support would be better than what we get under Mobile Safari.

I tried the Green Monster example (which works flawlessly on Mobile Safari), but unfortunately all I got was this in Chrome...

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Brian Batt

Hi Will,

Storyline content should act very similar in Google Chrome for iPad as to how it does in Safari because they use the same webkit.  In a nutshell, the Google Chrome browser for iPad and iPhone is basically the same as Safari, but without some of the JavaScript optimizations.  See the link below for more information:

I just tried the Green Monster on my course and I can get it to display like yours only if I turn my iPad while it's loading.  If you refresh and don't rotate your iPad during mid-load, it should load as expected.  I could only get your screenshot to happen about 10% of the time.