SL size limitations

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any limitations (real or practical) for Storyline as to how many slides it can comfortably handle.  For example, I'd like to create a SL presentation with about 45 scenes with each scene having an average of 40 slides in it.   Will that cause any problems because of the size?  I know saving and opening the file will probably be slow, but that's okay.  I'm more concerned about SL's ability to handle such large files while I'm working and designing in it.

Any thoughts?


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Phil Mayor

I reckon that is likely cause a problem.  You dont really know until you try.  Storyline seems to handle large files very well and it is more dependent on how many triggers, variables, layers, objects rather than the number of slides. 

The example you describe 2025 slides, you will probably run out of resources on your machine and do you want to track via an LMS because I dont think this will work properly either because of the potential amount of data.

TBH I dont think there is a an elearning tool out there that would cope with that number of slides confortably

Simon Perkins

Is there any way you can break the course down into separate (SCO) modules?  Thus making you 45 scenes something like 10 modules each comprising 4-5 scenes (for example)?

Other than stressing your machine's resources, I certainly wouldn't want to keep finding my way around a 45 scene map with or without Story View etc.