SL1 - QB Question JUMPS from Q2 to Q8

Nov 09, 2014

This is in SL1 - (tested in SL2; same result)...

Course includes an 8 question Question Bank.

Here is the issue:

  • When I preview the ENTIRE COURSE the quiz jumps from Q2 to Q8 every time. I don't want it to do this because it then jumps to the Results slide without visiting all questions (see full explanation).
  • If I preview the quiz SCENE ONLY, it does NOT jump from Q2 to Q8 (it shows every question from Q1 to Q8, in sequential order).

I don't see any programming that causes the jump from Q2 to Q8 and the question bank is not randomized. No questions are locked either. Only answers are 'shuffled'; not questions.

I checked all actions for the continue button on the feedback layers for every question. I even re-selected the 'next slide' target for each continue button; only the last question (Q8) is programmed to go to the Results slide when I click continue on correct/incorrect layer.

The Results slide is programmed for 'Selected Questions' and the QB is selected.

In Story view the only 'navigation relationship' I see between the QB and the Results slide is going FROM the results slide to the QB on the Retry Quiz button. In the Scenes view - I do not see the Results slide but in Story view, it shows up in the same scene as the QB.

Thanks for any suggestions you can send my way,



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In response to your question, I see Always for the each question - in the
right column.

I don't have permission to share the file - I'll need to approach this from
a logic perspective.

IOW: If I'm doing all the right things, I have to assume there is something
corrupted with the file. is it better to insert individual questions,
instead of a question bank?

Is it even possible to convert a QB to individual questions - or - would
they need to be created from scratch?

Thank you,

Wendy Farmer

Hi Christine,

I have mocked up 8 questions in SL1.  By default, the right hand column said Randomly as per Steve's screenshot above, but I changed to 'Always' to match yours.

Whether I preview the scene, or entire project, the Questions are displaying in order Q1-Q8.

I didn't change any default triggers from feedback layers - it's as is.

Steve Flowers

Hi Christine - 

Sure sounds like something isn't working as designed. It's easy to copy questions from within a bank to your story. You'll have to do this one question at a time. Right click the row of the Question Bank dialog (the image above) and select copy. Then go to your story view or your slide view and CTRL-V to paste the question slide back to your flow.

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