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Dec 12, 2014


have a drag-drop project made in SL1 (3 blue and 1 red balls, with "3 doesnt matter where blue is" targets and one "It has to be red" target ). Would love to publish it with SL2. When I import it (or open) - the red one works fine (snaps into places - correct and wrong ones) while the blue ones just "float" anywhere I drop them (I do have "return to..." checked). The bug is visible in preview and in Flash export - html5 works fine (but there are other issues).

anyone else ran into the same problem? any workaround? have 30 slides - need a quick, easy and working solution.



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sebastjan f


all project files are on my computer (not on network or cloud). I have just updated to the latest SL2 build.

Attached please find my project. Issues that I am having are:

- balls on slide 1 resets when wrong answer is given, they don't on slide 2

- swf version of export: slide 1 balls snap into places, slide 2 - they don't. HTML5 works fine

thanks for your help :)


sebastjan f


we have two problems here:

- HTML5 version - balls doesnt reset back to original position when wrong answer is given (on slide 2 - html5 output). Works fine on SWF version

- swf version (slide 2) - balls dont snap onto dropped place. Snapping works on slide 1. Snapping works fine on html5 version

Maybe I should do a screener? Is that service still operational?



sebastjan f

you can review the above attached red_blue story. As you will see - on the first (2 objects) slide (right click on ball / drag and drop is set to "drag return") while on the second slide (4 objects)  objects have drag and drop set to "snap to center" and "drag return" is not even an option.both slides were created in SL1 and then opened in SL2. Can also send you my real working file - but will not attach it as attachment on the forum (per client policy)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sebastjan,

Thanks - it looks like Emily did reply yesterday. You'll want to check your junk/spam folder for an email from if you did not receive it. And I can have it resent to you as well - as she shared:

Thank you for sharing your file. I was able to get this to work when upgrading from SL1 to SL2 with your file. I reduced it to only one slide to do a test. I also created my own drag and drop file and was able to upgrade as well. 
Can you test the attached file? 
You may want to try importing your file into a new file and see if this corrects the issue. 

With attachments of your files included, which based on your comment about sharing privately I don't want to post here.

sebastjan f


I got Emily mail yesterday, did check it.. it seems that she recreated the slide - and it does work. But - I already made 30 slides in SL1 and just wanted to export them with SL2 - so recreating the slides was not a preferred option. When I opened the SL1 project in SL2 - I noticed (after few hours of "wondering why this isnt working" that status on 2 button and 4 button slides were different and I could not repair the 4 button slides.. They say picture is a 1000 words - therefore I am attaching the picture of my problem.

Problem was eventually resolved by recreating all 3 and 4 button slides - so as far as I am concerned this case can be closed.

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