SL2 and externalised XML?

May 10, 2016

Is it possible to get SL to read in data from an external XML (or text) file.  ie: You want SL to display a percentage of people who are over 6'...SL reads the XML file data and say 50% is displayed.  The end user (who does not have access to SL) wants to change the displayed percentage to 55%, they edit the XML (in notepad) and SL reads the new XML and the data is shown as 55.  This was commonplace with flash - just wondering if anyone has achieved a similar effect?  thnx

PS: Did this request ever get loaded as a feature request - maybe SL3 etc


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Steve Flowers

Hi, Garry - 

I've done similar stuff. It's indeed possible to get Storyline to read and parse text file inputs using Javascript. My most recent method uses JSON files instead but it's a fairly similar process.

To ease things for the "modifier" I use Excel to manage the fields. This also allows for some packaging automation with a "Generate" button that builds all of the outputs for you. A recent project I built a single Storyline file with logic for a simulation. The Excel file contained 90 different simulation configurations, presets, and evaluation variables. Hitting the Generate button took the Storyline published output, generated 90 separate SCORM files, copied all of the "surgery files" into the right places, and zipped and named each SCORM file to make all 90 simulations ready for deployment.

Short answer: Yes! You can do that using Javascript.

Garry Hargreaves

Thank you Leslie, I missed that particular post - most other XML threads ended in a "feature request".

Steve, doesn't sound like it's for the faint-hearted.  Certainly sounds like a feature that would be of interest to various SL users - is there any other information available? The internal project I'm working on does not require a SCORM function, but rather to facilitate 'ease' of editing.  Thanks for the response. Cheers Garry 

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