SL2 Drag & Drop Bug with Free Drop?

Oct 27, 2014

I was working with a Drag & Drop and had set the Drop Target to free by right-clicking on the drop target and choosing "Free" from the shortcut menu. But I wasn't able to drop my items freely; instead, they were snapping on top of each other.

I poked around and ultimately clicked on Drag & Drop Options. I discovered that the drop-down under "Drop Target Options" was listed as Stack Random." So, the right-click setting didn't "take" (screenshot).

Drop Target Options

If this is a bug, I'd be happy to report it, but wanted to check with others here first to see if y'all are experiencing the same thing. I've exited Storyline, re-booted, and tried this in 3 new projects, all with the same results.

Of course, if I adjust the setting in the D&D Options box, I'm good to go. But it seems to me the right-click option should work, as it did in SL1.


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Stephanie Harnett

Yep, bug. It works the other way around. If you change it in the drag and drop options it will show the correct placement when right-clicking on the drop target, and it will behave correctly on preview/publish. But, as you've noted, if you change this setting by right-clicking, it doesn't change anything at all.

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