SL2 freezing when editing states

I am working on a project where I need to go in and delete a SELECTED state from several objects on a slide. This happened to me with the last project I created as well....for some reason, SL2 freezes up and I have to force quit out of it.


Last time someone mentioned saving my file on my hard drive. I do that's the problem.

Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kelli, sorry to hear you've run into this issue. If it's just one file specifically, you might try importing the slides into a new file, as sometimes that can resolve odd behavior. However, if this is something happening across the board in Storyline 2, I would recommend running this repair on your software. Please report back and let me know if you need further assistance!

Kelli Porcaro

Hi after force quitting...I went back in and completed the steps slower. I was deleting one state from 10 different objects. I wonder if I was clicking through it too quickly and it just froze. I was doing the same type of thing last time this happened to me.

Moving through it slowly, I had no problem.

Could that be it?


Amaia Quesada


I am experiencing the same issue when editing states. It freezes and I need to force quit. It has been happening regularly for some weeks now and our Helpdesk team couldn't find anything wrong in my computer.

Do you suggest I copy all the slides and scenes into a new project? I have 3 projects where I have copy-pasted slides from one another and Storyline freezes with all 3.

Thanks in advance!



Alyssa Gomez

Hey Amaia,

Sorry to hear you keep running into this! I know that's frustrating. Let's see if we can narrow down why this is happening:

  • Are you working from your local hard drive? Working from a network or external drive is known to cause problems, so we always recommend working from your local C: drive. 
  • Does Storyline freeze when you try to edit states on any slide within that file, or just one slide in particular? 
  • Instead of copy/pasting slides and scenes from one Storyline file to another, have you tried using this import method?