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Kristie mubarak

It does fine in our LMS, but we are in the process of switching to a new LMS and wanted a few individuals to take a course I created so I followed instructions found here in the community for how to publish to a CD and then create a link to google drive (here's the link to the video https://youtu.be/XCGgJ6-hty8). I followed the instructions it works great but once the course is shared and opened it locks up about 3 frames in and this is the same for several courses like this. 

Unfortunately its all company sensitive data so its our corporate google drive where the info is being saved and shared with company employees (if that makes a difference). 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Kristie -- Thanks for your reply and may I ask if you have also had the opportunity to test your course via tempshare.articulate.com (if the Web option is selected at publishing), and then also try publishing for LMS and testing on SCORM Cloud? The reason I ask is to try and isolate if the issue is something more with the course itself, or if the behavior is only being seen on Google Drive. If you'd like us to do some testing, you are welcome to share your file privately via this form, and I'll let you know my findings as soon as possible. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kristie,

Are you publishing for CD and then trying to upload to Google Drive? That may be why it's locking up - I'd look at publishing for Web to ensure it's the right type of upload. Also, as Christie mentioned you could look at testing it at SCORM Cloud for LMS or tempshare for Web.  I'd look at not using Drive, as  Google will no longer allow web pages to be hosted in Google Drive after August 31, 2016. This means published Articulate courses you've uploaded to Google Drive will stop working.

You'll need to move your Articulate courses to another hosting platform if you want them to keep working. Here are some free or low-cost options.